Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Utah State Employees' Charitable Fund?

The Charitable Fund:

What is the Utah State Employees' Charitable Fund Campaign?

The campaign encourages and enables State employees to contribute to non-profit agencies easily and confidentially. The campaign runs approximately from September to November to ensure that employee sign-up is completed by December of each year. Payroll deductions begin in January of the following year.

How do I make a contribution through the Charitable Fund?

Each department has a Charitable Fund Department Coordinator who is responsible for the distribution and collections of pledge forms. Some Department Coordinators have division Solicitors to assist. If you have not been contacted, ask your Department Director for the name of your Coordinator. Obtain a pledge form from your Coordinator, complete the form, and return it to the Coordinator. You may contact the Charitable Fund Board directly if you are unable to make contact with your designated Coordinator. You can also make pledges online.

How much should I donate?

A suggested donation would be one day's pay, based on individual pay scales—it is not a quota or an assessment. Your decision to give is a personal decision. Let it reflect your concern for the people and quality of life in our communities and in our world.

Can I have my donation automatically deducted from my paycheck?

Yes. Payroll deduction is simple and confidential. Simply pledge on-line. The deductions, in the amount that you specify, will begin in January and continue through December.

Do I have to donate through payroll deductions?

No. An employee also has the option of making a one-time contribution online. Print your receipt and attach a copy to your check or money order made payable to Utah State Employees' Charitable Fund and take it to your Department Coordinator.

How are the funds distributed to my designated agency?

For those who choose to contribute through payroll deduction, funds are distributed to the employee-designated agency twice each year (after the funds are collected) the calendar year following the Campaign. For those who choose a one-time contribution, funds are distributed in January following the Campaign.

How do I ensure my donation goes to the agency that I choose?

You designate your donation to any of the agencies or federations listed on the Web site by entering the appropriate code from the list of approved agencies, along with the amount you wish to donate.

What if the non-profit agency that I wish to make a donation to is not included on the charity list?

If your agency of choice is not listed, Application forms are available on this website and would need to be submitted by July 1 in order to be considered for inclusion in next year's Campaign. Meanwhile, we invite you to consider the over 600 other non-profit agencies who meet the requirements and have been approved by the Fund.

How do I contact the Charitable Fund Board?

See the full list of current Board members, including links to their e-mail and phone numbers.