A Word from the Governor

As State employees, we have an opportunity to participate in the annual Utah State Employees' Charitable Fund Campaign. The Charitable Fund helps support my efforts to enhance the quality of life for all Utahns.

Your decision to support agencies participating in the Charitable Fund Campaign is a personal one. I urge each of you to think carefully about your role in the life of your community. As citizens, we have an opportunity and a responsibility to share our resources with those in need.

In an effort to recognize our state employees who contribute a greater amount to the Campaign, I will recognize and commend employees who contribute 1% or more of their base annual pay. This is known as the "Governor's 1% Club." I look forward to seeing your name on such a commendation list this year.

Please join me in giving to the agencies of your choice through the Utah State Employees' Charitable Fund Campaign.

Thank you,
Gary R. Herbert