Utah State Employees Charitable Fund

Thank you, Utah State Employees! The 2018 campaign was a great success. Employees will donate over $256,000 to non-profit agencies during 2018.

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An Opportunity and a Responsibility

The Utah State Employees' Charitable Fund Campaign encourages and enables State employees to contribute to non-profit agencies easily and confidentially. (Read what the Governor has to say.) The Charitable Fund campaign:

Guidelines for Giving

A suggested gift would be one day's pay based on individual pay scales—it is not a quota or an assessment. Your decision to give is a personal decision. Let it reflect your concern for the people and quality of life in our world.

Designate Your Gift

You may designate your gift to any of the Agencies or Federations listed by entering the appropriate code and the amount you wish to contribute on your pledge form.

Payroll Deduction is Simple and Confidential

Pledge online available September 24, 2018 through November 2, 2018. Deductions in the amount you specify will begin with the first payday in January following the campaign and continue through the year until the last payday in December. You may cancel or change your contribution at any time during the year by contacting the Charitable Fund Board. You also have the option of making a one-time donation when you pledge online. Print your receipt and attach a copy of it to your check or money order made payable to the Utah State Employees' Charitable Fund.

Charities Must Qualify for Your Support

To qualify for Charitable Fund donations, charities must:

A charity's participation in the Charitable Fund does not constitute an endorsement by the State of Utah or the Board. If a charity is not listed on this Web site, the board cannot guarantee its tax status.

Ray Wahl, President
Utah State Employees' Charitable Fund Board
Utah Courts Administration
(801) 578-3805

Your gift makes a difference.
Thank you.