Campaign Kicks Off

Greetings from Governor Herbert and Honorary Campaign Chair Jess Anderson

Governor Herbert's Greeting

Governor Herbert’s Greeting

Commissioner Anderson's Greeting

Commissioner Anderson’s Greeting

Mission and Vision

The Utah State Employees’ Charitable Fund (USECF) offers state employees a one-stop point for donating money to local, national, and international charitable organizations. All funds go to supporting critical services and programs that provide food, shelter, education, health care, etc. to the needy in our communities and beyond.

By donating through the USECF Lend A Helping Hand campaign, state employees show to Utah citizens, the community, and the state government their spirit of cooperation and involvement in community affairs.

The Difference You Make

The Difference You Make
by Pamela Atkinson

Faces of Hunger: Brittany (Lend a Helping Hand to Your Neighbor)
by Utah Food Bank

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