Campaign Promotion

Promoting the Lend A Helping Hand Campaign

During the annual Lend A Helping Hand fund-raising campaign, your most important task as a campaign coordinator is to get the word out. You can promote the campaign and encourage employees in your department to donate by reaching out in many different ways. Here are only a few suggestions:

  • Send weekly email messages with a short video or flyer attached
  • Place posters or flyers in locations frequented by employees: bathrooms, elevators, breakrooms, hallways, etc.
  • Publish an article in an employee newsletter before or during the campaign
  • Display a flyer on your department intranet
  • Present a short video at staff meetings before or during the campaign

You are welcome to use the promotional materials provided on this website and personalize them as needed. You can also create your own. If you do create your own flyers, please send them to your Utah State Employees’ Charitable Fund (USECF) Board liaison in a format that allows editing so they can be shared with other campaign coordinators.

Please include a USECF/Lend A Helping Hand logo in all communication pieces, whether electronic or print. We recommend using the USECF color scheme when possible. Also, we encourage using the USECF letterhead for campaign-related correspondence.

Promotional materials to carry out these activities are available to you here

  • Short Videos
  • Campaign Posters/Flyers
  • Newsletter Article
  • Gov. Herbert’ Letter to Employees
  • USECF/Communication Suggestions for Campaign Coordinators
  • USECF/Lend A Helping Hand Logos
  • USECF Letterhead
  • USECF Recommended Color Scheme

Short Videos

Watch Youth Futures Shelter Home

Ride Along With Youth Futures Shelter Home While They Do Community Outreach

Faces of Hunger: Brittany (Lend a Helping Hand to Your Neighbor)
by Utah Food Bank

Watch The Difference You Make

The Difference You Make
by Pamela Atkinson

Week One YouTube Video

Week 1

Week 2 YouTube Video

Week 2

Week 3 YouTube Video

Week 3

Week 4 YouTube Video

Week 4

Week 5 YouTube Video

Week 5

5 More Days to Go YouTube Video

Five More Days To Go!

Campaign Flyers/Posters/Communication Booklet (click the image to download the file)

Elder Flyer

Many Hands Elder Flyer (762 KB)

Food Line Flyer

Many Hands Food Line Flyer (223 KB)

Many Hands Girl Flyer

Many Hands Girl Flyer (258 KB)

Many Hands Kiss Flyer

Many Hands Kiss Flyer (234 KB)

Many Hands Kids Planting Flyer

Many Hands Kids Planting Flyer (373 KB)

USECF/Lend A Helping Hand Campaign Logos

USECF Letterhead

USECF Recommended Color Scheme

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