Instructions and Training for Campaign Coordinators

As a Campaign Coordinator, you are responsible for helping employees in your department with processing contributions manually and online. The preferred method is handling donations ― even one-time cash donations ― online. Manual processing should be used only when online access is not feasible.

The online donations system is available to employees for making contributions only during the annual Lend A Helping Hand campaign, which usually runs for six weeks from about September 23 until the beginning of November.

Campaign Coordinators, however, have access to the online donations system about a week before and after the campaign in order to prepare for and to close transactions.

Instructions for Using the Online Donations Systems

Download a PowerPoint presentation (3 MB) showing detailed instructions with screenshots of how to perform various transactions on the online donations system. The presentation covers the following transactions:

  • Setting yourself up as the administrator for your department (slide 4)
  • Donating through the USECF website (slide 8)
  • Resetting and changing an employee’s donation record (slide 18)
  • Accessing campaign reports (slide 24)
  • Resolving incomplete donation transactions (slide 27)
  • Completing the campaign and following up (slide 30)
  • Frequently asked questions (slide 37)

Coordinator Training

Download the PowerPoint presentation (829 KB) given at the August 2018 Campaign Coordinator training class. It provides information about the annual Lend A Helping Hand campaign and your role and responsibilities.

A classroom training is held in August, about a month before the Lend A Helping Hand campaign kicks off. All coordinators are strongly encouraged to attend.

If you need additional training or resources, contact your USECF Board liaison.

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