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Contact Your Department Campaign Coordinator

Do you have a question about the Lend A Helping Hand campaign? Do you need help making a donation? Do you wonder how the funds are disbursed to your chosen charity? This website provides a lot of information to state employees on these and other questions. However, your Department Campaign Coordinator is an additional resource… Read more »

Step-by-Step Instructions for Donating

Thank you for participating in the Lend A Helping Hand campaign and giving generously. Your contribution changes lives and makes a positive difference in our communities and beyond. Please make your contribution online. If that is not feasible, use the Pledge & Payroll Deduction Form to donate in person. Instructions for both procedures are provided… Read more »

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Utah State Employees’ Charitable Fund? Utah State Employees’ Charitable Fund (USECF) is authorized by the Governor to provide employees a one-stop point for donating money to vetted local, national, and international non-profit organizations that serve people with basic needs for food, shelter, health care, education, etc. It is governed by a board… Read more »

Charitable Organizations Participating in the Campaign

Non-profit charitable organizations that participate in the Lend A Helping Hand campaign have been vetted by the Utah State Employees’ Charitable Fund (USECF) Board of Directors. They must meet the following criteria to qualify: Comply with the Utah Charitable Solicitations Act. Register with the Utah Division of Consumer Protection. Comply with the Utah Department of… Read more »

Greeting from Governor Herbert

As State employees, we have an opportunity to participate in the annual Utah State Employees’ Charitable Fund Campaign. The Charitable Fund helps support efforts to enhance the quality of life for all Utahns. Your decision to support agencies participating in the Charitable Fund Campaign is a personal one. I urge each of you to think… Read more »

Information for Making a Donation

“As citizens, we have an opportunity and a responsibility to share our resources with those in need.” – Governor Gary R. Herbert Thank you for choosing to participate in the Utah State Employees’ Charitable Fund. Your donation changes lives and enhances the quality of life throughout Utah and beyond. Donations are accepted only during the… Read more »