Charitable Organizations Participating in the Campaign

Non-profit charitable organizations that participate in the Lend A Helping Hand campaign have been vetted by the Utah State Employees’ Charitable Fund (USECF) Board of Directors. They must meet the following criteria to qualify:

  • Comply with the Utah Charitable Solicitations Act.
  • Register with the Utah Division of Consumer Protection.
  • Comply with the Utah Department of Commerce rules and regulations.
  • Have current IRS 501 ( c ) (3) tax exempt status.
  • Demonstrate regular participation or presence in the state of Utah.
  • Churches, government, and political subdivisions, political action groups, veteran, and fraternal organizations shall not be eligible.

If your preferred agency is not listed, please choose another agency from the collection of more than 500 organizations. Feel free to encourage an agency to apply to be included in USECF. Application form is available on this website under Charitable Organizations.

To ensure that your donation is disbursed to the agency or agencies you want to support, enter the appropriate code number(s) from the list. Organizations are listed both alphabetically by name and numerically by code. The lists are available in Excel and PDF formats.

If you download the Excel files, you can search and filter the lists to find the organization(s) you are interested in.

To Filter

  • Click the drop-down arrow (highlighted yellow) for the column you want to filter
  • The filter menu will appear
  • Select by clicking the boxes by the item(s) you want to view
  • Click OK and only the items you selected will be listed

To Search and Filter

  • Click the drop-down arrow (highlighted in yellow) for the column you want to search
  • The filter menu will appear
  • Under Text Filter, there’s a search bar; write the key word(s) you want to find
  • Only the items that contain your search term(s) will be checked
  • You can filter the list further by unselecting items you don’t want
  • Click Ok and only the items you selected will be listed

If you need assistance, contact your department campaign coordinator.

Alphabetical List

Numeric List

Last updated: November 3, 2020 at 10:40 am