Step-by-Step Instructions for Donating

Thank you for participating in the Lend A Helping Hand campaign and giving generously. Your contribution changes lives and makes a positive difference in our communities and beyond. Please make your contribution online. If that is not feasible, use the Pledge & Payroll Deduction Form to donate in person. Instructions for both procedures are provided below.

Please follow these step to donate online (preferred)

Click the “Make a Donation” button. It will take you to the Utah ID login page. Please provide your credentials as prompted. Then, continue with the following actions.

Selecting contributions type: payroll deduction or one-time donation

Donation Instructions: Selecting Contribution Type

Selecting payroll deduction

Donation Instructions: Payroll Deduction

Selecting one-time contribution

Donation Instructions: One-Time Contribution

Copying last year’s selections to continue them the coming year

Donation Instructions: Selecting a Charity - Part 1

Selecting a new agency to support with a new amount of money. Even $1.00 donation can be deducted from your paycheck each pay period.

Donation Instructions: Selecting a Charity - Part 2

Confirming and submitting your contribution by payroll deduction

Donation Instructions: Submitting Your Contribution

Confirming and submitting your one-time donation

Donation Instructions: One-Time Contribution

Printing receipt

Donation Instructions: Printing your receipt

Please follow these steps to donate in person

  1. Print the Pledge & Payroll Deduction Form
  2. Fill out the form and sign it
  3. Give the form and your donation to the Department Campaign Coordinator for processing.